Welcome to Biokare Health & Wellness in the Greater Charleston Area

Biokare Technologies incorporates painless, non-invasive, drug-free technologies that catalyze the body's innate healing process.

Our Health and Wellness Center focuses on addressing the root of physical pains and problems verses treating the symptoms. Our approach to medicine which embraces Eastern Medicine and Modern Technology is a true testament to feeling great from the inside out. For so long, our nation has been dependent on prescription medication and invasive procedures. Biokare Health & Wellness Center is tapping back into techniques which were used hundreds and thousands of years ago. Fixing the issue at hand vs masking the problem is what allows our patients to feel better than they’ve felt in years.

Biokare's wide spectrum of therapies continues to remedy pain and increase performance for our patients throughout the Southeast. Let’s sit down today and implement a wellness plan specifically designed for you, getting your performance and comfort right where it needs to be.